Current Issue: 140 In Between Places

ER140 COVERReview 140: Now Would Be The Right Time

Don’t wait around to grab issue 139 of the Edinburgh Review, now is always the right time for more fiction, poetry, articles and reviews.

Get stuck into fiction from Dilys Rose and Regi Claire and poems from Miriam Gamble, Ciaran Carson and many more as well as a generous helping of reviews and thought-provoking articles.



Issue 140: £7.99


Contributors include:


Sasha Dugdale, Marianne MacRae, Matthew Sweeney, Ryan van Winkle, Rachael Boast, Paul Batchelor, Nicola Nathan, Russel Jones


Nicholas Hogg, Jenni Fagan, Tracey Emerson, Cameron Conant


Jackie Kay in conversation with Colette Bryce, Martin MacInnes, Victoria E. Price, Vidyan Ravinthiran


Willy Maley on Leonard/Brecht, Gail McConnel on Bona Groarke, Mary McGlynn on Louise Welsh, David Wheatley on Billy Ramsell, Sarah Dillon on Sarah Maitland, Declan Ryan on Harsent/Ritsos, Carole Jones on Kirsty Logan, Helen Stoddart on Dilys Rose, Lucy R. Hinnie on Kona McPhee, Katie Craig on Bob Cant, Yasmin Sulaiman on Sebastian Barry

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