Issue 126: Passing Place

126 Passing Place

Short stories from James Kelman and Regi Claire, an interview with T.S. Eliot Prize winner Jen Hadfield, Tom Leonard on the poetic breath, and photographic essay by Robin Gillanders.

Read Chosen Route, Jen Hadfield interviewed by Jennie Renton



Vacuum – James Kelman, Blin – Uilleam Blacker, Ship of Fools – Fred Johnston, Russian Blue – Regi Claire, Civil Rights – Catherine Czerkawska


Ross Wilson, Dorothy Lawrenson, Ian McDonough, Bernard Pearson


Scots Pine – Andrew Greig, Home Thoughts From Abroad – Robyn Marsack, Chosen Route – Jen Hadfield Interviewed by Jennie Renton, Banking Meltdown – Kenny Kemp, The Common Breath – Tom Leonard, A Dislocated Life: Flora MacDonald – Hannah Adcock, Homecoming 2009 – Will Brady


Highland Journey – Robin Gillanders


Hannah Adcock, Ross Alloway, David Borthwick, Tam Dalyell, Alasdair Gillon, Andy Gloege, Stephen Lackaye, Michael Lister, Murdo Macdonald, Ian Macwhirter, Colin Nicholson, Dilys Rose, Julius Ruiz

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