Issue 123: Caribbean Logic

Cover of the Edinburgh Review issue 123 Caribbean Logic

Issue 123

The title of this issue is taken from Kei Miller’s essay, ‘The Texture of fiction’, in which he says, ‘sometimes Caribbean logic is its own’. Alongside poetry and prose from leading Caribbean writers, thought-provoking articles on film, Cuba, and the Scots-Caribbean relationship, plus ‘Idrens and Idols: Images of Self-identity in Jamaica’ – photographs by Opal Palmer Adisa.

Read The Cost of Freedom by Will Brady


Concerning Zion and the Higherstanding of Maths – Marcia Douglas, Her Own Woman – Opal Palmer Adisa, Daughter and his Housekeeper – Joan Anim-Addo, A Letter To My Children – Jacqueline Bishop


Grace Nichols, Michelle Anne Hubbard, Velma Pollard, Fred D’Aguiar, John Agard, Nancy Anne Miller, Claire Askew


The Texture of Fiction – Kei Miller, Identity and Exile in the Writing of Cristina Garcia – Faith Pullin, The Kilted Planter:
Scottish–Caribbean Relations and the Literary Imagination – Carla Sassi, Ker in the Caribbean – Hannah Adcock, The Cost of Freedom – Will Brady, Cuban Cinema in 1990: Discovering a Feminist Discourse Within the Male Gaze – Brígida Pastor


Opal Palmer Adisa


Hannah Adcock, Jenni Calder, Bernard Crick, Anna Crowe, Peter Garside, Alasdair Gillon, Andy Gloege, Aaron Kelly, Stephen Lackaye, Michael Lister, Willy Maley, Lauren Elizabeth Pope, Tessa Ransford, Karina Williamson


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