Issue 122: Australia, Belongin Place

Cover for Edinburgh Review 122 Belogin Place Australia

Issue 122

Belongin Place– new writing from Australia. Read the short fiction extract Ten things you should know about Australia by Meaghan Delahunt

FICTION Ten things you should know about Australia – Meaghan Delahunt, Chop Chop – John Barker, Bringin the old ones home Aunt Tibby- Gayle Kennedy POETRY Tom Pow, Samuel Wagan Watson, James Charlton, Les Murray, Gordon Meade, Martin Harrison, Sarah Day, Karen Knight ARTICLES Belongin Place – Ruby Langford Ginibi, A submerged population – Will Brady, Poem country – Martin Harrison, Protecting the Great Barrier Reef – Pat Hutchings, An island home – Kim Scott, The ecology of Australia – Mark O’Connor, Imagination, sweat and blood – Fiona Doyle PHOTOGRAPHS John Kirk REVIEWS Hannah Adcock, Fional Allen, Valentina Bold, Dermot Cavanagh, Sria Chatterjee, Bernard Crick, Anna Crowe, Bashabi Fraser, Andy Gloege, Stephen Lackaye, Laura Marcus, Niall O’Gallagher, Sybil Oldfield

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