Issue 120: Causeway

Front cover for Edinburgh Review 120 Causeway

Issue 120

Issue 120 focuses on the literature, culture, and history of Northern Ireland, the tricentenary of the Union, and explores issues of national and cultural identity. The issue features new work by renowned authors from Northern Ireland, such as Tom Paulin, Glenn Patterson, alongside work by lesser-known writers. As with previous issues, articles explore the historical, cultural, and literary connections between N. Ireland and Scotland. Read the article Weeds and wild flowers by Eleanor Burnhill



FICTION Trapped – Bernard MacLaverty, Trapped Again – Bernard MacLaverty, The Toilets at the End of the Hemisphere – Glenn Patterson, Molly Fox – Deirdre Madden, Ticking the Boxes – Ron Butlin POETRY Tom Paulin, Alan Gillis, Frank Ormsby, Fred Johnston, Leontia Flynn, Howard Wright, Medbh McGuckian, Sinéad Morrissey, Dawn Wood, Nick Laird, Kapka Kassabova ARTICLES A Terrible Beauty. Bernard MacLaverty and the short story of the Troubles – Matthew McGuire, Weeds and wild flowers – Eleanor Burnhill, On the Making of a Playwright – Brian McAvera, Renaissance Fisherman – Michael Faulkner, Stewart Parker’s Scottish Play – Marilynn Richtarik, Northern Ireland Troubles Archive – Andrea Rea, Irish Stories? Filming the Troubles – Eamonn Hughes PHOTOGRAPHS Lammas Fair Ballycastle – Alastair McCook, Belfast in the Seventies – John Gilbert REVIEWS Hannah Adcock, Ross Alloway, Margaret Bennett, Valentina Bold, Bernard Crick, Turo Delgado, Alasdair Gillon, Andy Gloege, Aaron Kelly, Stephen Lackaye, Michael Lister, Duncan Sim, Nigel Smith

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