Issue 128: Czech

128 Czech

Much of the material in this issue deals with the social and political trauma of the last half-century and its shaping influence on literature and the visual arts. Michal Macků’s evocative carbon prints and gellages capture the individual’s quandary when seeking self-knowledge and expression in a context of schismatic upheaval.

Read Joanna Shattock’s review of The Edinburgh Review in the Literary Culture of Romantic Britain: Mammoth and Megalonyx


A Visit to the Devil’s Tower, Miloš Urban – an extract from Seven Churches translated by Robert Russell
Home from Home, Jáchym Topol -an extract from Gargling with Tar translated by David Short
Ghosts of Point Tortoise, Hana Sklenková


Aiko Harman, Marion McCready, John Hartley Williams, Ian Stephen


Kafka as an International Writer, Ritchie Robertson. Repression’s Capital, Europe’s Canary, James Hawes. The Trojan Horse, Will Brady. In the Cold Waters of Freedom, Jiří Trávníček translated by Jonathan Bolton. What is the Czech Republic About? Jan Čulík. Po-Mo Kills Me, Ewan Morrison. Speaking of You, John Hartley Williams


Carbon prints and gellages
Michal Macků


Hannah Adcock, Jenni Calder, Rajorshi Chakraborti, Sria Chatterjee, Simon Frith, Alasdair Gillon, Stephen Lackaye, Michael Lister, Iain, Macwhirter, Patricia McCaw, Tony McKibbin, Tessa Ransford, Joanne Shattock, Ian Stephen

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