Issue 136: No Shouting Out

Review 136: No Shouting Out

Review 136: No Shouting Out

In issue 136 of the Edinburgh Review we celebrate our ability to shout out, in both printed form and aloud. Featuring fantastic fiction, poetry, articles and reviews from writers close to home and further afield, we’re happy to showcase words we think are worth hearing.



Contributors include:




Simon Armitage, Jacob Polley, Conor O’Callaghan, Gary Allen, Anne Rouse, Kevin Cahill, Dawn Wood, Will Stone


Hannah McGill, Sally Hinchcliffe, Thomas Legendre, Brian McCabe


Stuart Kelly, Frances Leviston, Willy Maley, Daniel Jewesbury


Willy Maley on James Kelman, Jen Hadfield on William Letford, Ian Campbell on Ron Butlin, Paul Crossthwaite on Ewan Morrison, Michael Cronin on contemporary Chinese poetry, Lee Spinks on Zadie Smith, Matthew Campbell on Tom Paulin, Brian McCabe on James Meek, Andrew Eaton on Andrew Jamison, Claire Askew on Kerry Hardie, Dilys Rose on Pawel Huelle


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    Two poems from Roddy Lumsden: Women in Paintings and Tact

    Poetry from JL Williams: Pool Hall School and Time Breaks the Heart

    Frances Leviston's article questions the recent re-reading of the work of Elizabeth Bishop. Spectacle and Speculation

    David Wheatley examines the political poem today in his article, Between ‘Helpless Right’ and ‘Forced Pow’r’

    Share a bus journey in Graham Fulton's poem Blue Bag

    Our editor expounds on poetry, place and the Review itself:
    Alan Gillis: The State of the Review

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