Issue 135: The Way We’re Supposed To Think

Issue 135: Supposed To Think

We’re happy to present issue 135 of the Edinburgh Review. Between the cover you’ll find some fantastic poetry from Patience Agbabi, Graham Fulton, Stewart Conn and many more as well as new fiction from Kirsty Gunn Brain McCabe, Alison Irvine and Lesley Glaister.

Local poet Ryan Van Winkle comments on the Edinburgh arts and literature scene while David Wheatley considers the political poem in our articles and a selection of books are ably reviewed as always.

Cover design by David Gilchrist and image from Ewan Morrison.

Contributors include:


Charlotte Runcie, Jane Yeh, Stewart Conn, Graham Fulton, Andrew Jamison, Peter Rawlings, Benjamin Morris, Patience Agbabi


Brian McCabe, Kirsty Gunn, Alison Irvine, Lesley Glaister


David Wheatley, Ryan Van Winkle, Colin Graham, Elizabeth Elliott


Carole Jones on Irvine Welsh, Doug Johnstone on Kirsty Gunn, Yasmin Sulaiman on Alan Warner, Máire Ni Annrachain on Sorley Maclean, Aingeal Clare on Kathleen Jamie, Gareth Reeves on James Fenton, Thomas Legendre on Martin Amis, Martin Macaulay on Jenni Fagan, Nick Holdstock on Richard Ford, Maria Johnston on Paul Farley, Peter Mackay on Richards Meier, Chris Emslie on Heather Christle

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