Issue 133: Dark Things As Bright

Edinburgh Review issue 133 front cover

Issue 133: Dark Things as Bright

Illuminating the every day, the unusual, the things we see everyday, and those we fail to stop and look at, Dark Things as Bright is a collection of literary and critical work that brings 2011 to a close for the Review, and looks to the start of 2012.

Issue 133 is full of fresh and feisty fiction from Ewan Morrison, Ruth Thomas, Glenn Patterson and Gwendoline Riley, pertinent poetry by Paul Muldoon, Jen Hadfield, David Wheatley and many more, articulate articles and shrewd reviews. Cover design by David Gilchrist and image from Finlay Cramb.

Ewan Morrison, # 52 Chalkmarks, Incidents in a Mall
There is a story of two mall cleaners, who, for a joke, camped out, beneath a lower stairwell, building a home of packing boxes. They slept there for one night, then two; after four days they had still gone unnoticed and their joke turned cold.

Ruth Thomas, Hautboys and Torches
There were a lot of people in the world who didn’t quite fit. She knew that. A lot of people who weren’t, for various reasons, quite normal.


Jen Hadfield, Kathleen Jamie, Paul Muldoon, Paul Farley, W.N. Herbert, Medbh McGuckian, Justin Quinn, Ernest Hilbert


Gwendoline Riley, Ewan Morrison, Glenn Patterson, Ruth Thomas


Willy Maley, David Herd, Claire Askew, Julia Boll


Randall Stevenson on Luke Williams, Fran Brearton on Michael Longley, David Wheatley on Mick Imlah, Alan Warner on Iain Crichton Smith, Aaron Kelly on Kei Miller, Simon Pomery on David Harsent, Andrew Taylor on Jay Parini, John Redmond on David Kinloch, Eleanor Bell on James McGonigal, Chris Emslie on Roddy Lumsden

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