Issue 131: Encounters

Front cover for Edinburgh review 131, encounters

Cover design, David Gilchrist. Photomontage, Gerry Gapinski.

Issue 131, Encounters, features exclusive new fiction, ‘Broken Moan 1961’, by acclaimed Scottish novelist Alan Warner, as well as a superb extract, set in an American brothel, from Allyson Stack’s forthcoming first novel. Also, in new fiction by Dilys Rose, Thomas Aitkenhead (the last person to be executed for blasphemy in Britain), while being led through Edinburgh to his death, comes across an elephant…

We have new poetry by the hugely talented Frances Leviston, and a feast of important new work from Northern Ireland. A new poem by Michael Longley joins a haunting sonnet sequence by Peter McDonald, visceral political poetry by Nick Laird, and fantastic new verse by Sinead Morrissey and Leontia Flynn. Also, Aaron Kelly interviews the magazine’s new editor, Irish poet Alan Gillis, interviewed in Encounters.

Rodge Glass discusses the fine line between fact and fiction in ‘The Realm of Non-Truths’, tackling the controversy created by David Peace’s The Damned United, among other works. Neil Corcoran revisits the epic poems of David Jones, one of the great outsiders of modern British verse, and who T.S. Eliot thought was the equal of himself, Joyce and Pound. Kenneth Millard gives us a probing disquisition on nostalgia, exploring the work of the brilliant Joan Didion, in particular.

In a revamped reviews section, new books by James Robertson, Paul Muldoon, Louis MacNeice, Jo Shapcott, Tom McCarthy, C. K. Williams, and many others, are critically appraised by critics and writers such as Edna Longley, Tom Leonard, Randall Stevenson, Robyn Marsack and David Wheatley.


Dilys Rose, Alan Warner, Allyson Stack


Frances Leviston, Nick Laird, Leontia Flynn, Michael Longley, Sinéad Morrissey, Peter McDonald


Alan Gillis interviewed by Aaron Kelly, Neil Corcoran, Rodge Glass, Kenneth Millard


Edna Longley on Paul Muldoon, Randall Stevenson on James Robertson, Robyn Marsack on Louis MacNeice, Maria Johnston on Jo Shapcott, Lee Spinks on Tom McCarthy, Tom Leonard on Tom Raworth, David Wheatley on Neil Corcoran, Carole Jones on Alan Warner, Justin Quinn on C.K. Williams, Margaret Elphinstone on Robert Alan Jamieson, Frances Brearton on Miriam Gamble, Tracey Emerson on Ninni Holmqvist, Hande Zapsu on Kevin MacNeil

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