Issue 138: What Light Remains

Edinburgh Review 138

Review 138: What Light Remains

Review 138: What Light Remains
Issue 138 contains fiction, poetry, articles and reviews all providing a glimmer of light no matter how dark the day.

Delve into poetry from Michael Longley, Rachael Boast and more as well as fiction from Zoe Strachan, Doug Johnson, Rodge Glass and Carol Farrelly and a vibrant selection of articles and reviews.

Issue 138: £7.99

Contributors include:


Michael Longley, Rachael Boast, Ian Duhig, Diana Henry, Patrick McGuinness, Laura Scott, Simon Pomery, David Wheatley


Zoe Strachan, Carol Farrelly, Doug Johnstone, Rodge Glass


Martin MacInnes, Russell Jones: Edwin Morgan interview, Andrew Taylor, Rachael Boast


John Redmond on Dear World & Everyone In It , Yasmin Sulaiman on Kate Atkinson, David Wheatley on W.N. Herbert, Paul Maddern on Conor O’Callaghan, Linda Tym on Alice Thompson, Vicky MacKenzie on Where Rockets Burn Through, Martin Philip on James Robertson, Simon Pomery on Frederick Seidel, Carole Jones on Regi Claire, Aingeal Clare on Emily Berry, Alexandra Lawrie on Ruth Thomas, Chris Emslie on Heather Phillipson, Robin Jones on Tom Leonard

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